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Practice Management Services


Professional Billing Services

Our experienced Representatives are skilled in correct coding and reimbursement procedures for your specialty. We review your billing forms prior to data entry to determine your coding patterns and alert you to inconsistencies, enabling us to submit clean claims and maximize your reimbursement. We also perform insurance and patient aging monthly and have developed a primary/secondary follow up schedule that ensures all claim delays and/or denials are addressed timely and aggressively. Our professional billing services include:


Our Agreement

FM Physician Billing provides you a comfortable transition to increase cash flow, lower outstanding accounts receivable, decrease overhead costs and provide more time to focus on patient care. We follow your claims from beginning to end. We have made the investment of time, money, and education to ensure your practice's individual billing needs are completely satisfied and work as an extension of your office.



Physicians and clinical staff are kept updated in correct coding and reimbursement guidelines. Monthly alert memos keep you abreast and focused on important issues and changes that may need to be reflected in daily charge capture and patient care to optimize reimbursement.


Specialty Support - 3 Point Strategy


1.Treatment Plan Payment Analysis- We review all treatment plans BEFORE starting treatment.  We list your cost vs. insurance reimbursement to help you make the decision to buy and bill or script drugs.  When co-insurance and/or deductibles are involved we provide the amount per daily treatment that must be collected and speak with your patients on your behalf. We consistently update your costs and carrier reimbursement schedules and monitor for changes weekly, to determine whether you're losing or increasing revenue opportunities.
2. Approved Indications - Diagnosis (primary and/or combination) is verified thru NCCN and/or NGS Local Coverage Determination prior to treatment.


3. Pre- D/Pre-C - We confirm if treatment and drugs require Pre- Certification, Pre-Determination or Specialty Pharmacy requirements and complete the process for you.

Front Desk Support
The exit and entrance receptionists are guided through appropriate co-payment, coinsurance collection and past due balances at the time of service and/or appointment making process:

•Immediate access to your trained specialist is available to assist with questions regarding patient co-payments,  co-insurance and insurance plan limitations.
•Detailed Insurance Checks are completed for new patients and existing patients who have changed their insurance.
•Daily Patient Schedules are reviewed 24 hours before appointment for outstanding patients payments and    returned to office.


Practice Review
Monthly telephone or on-site meetings are scheduled with physicians and/or clinical and administrative staff to review overall practice performance and individual billing issues that may adversely affect the processing of prompt and accurate claim submission. Recommendations are made to optimize the efficiency and overall health of your practice. 

 Additional Benefits
•Custom designed office/hospital charge capture forms
•Custom designed Registration Forms
•Development of fee schedules/charge master
• Continuous monitoring of your EOB's and recommendations for general fee increases, when appropriate, to  ensure you are   receiving the maximum reimbursement possible
•Continued review of regulatory changes (both State and Federal) and interpret their impact and application to the practice

ANSI 5010 Electronic Billing

ICD-10 Capability

HIPPA Compliant

Up to Date Billing Software

State of the Art Server and
Secured Network !

  • Daily charge entry
  • Daily posting of payments
  • Daily electronic filing to all insurance carriers
  • Insurance appeals and denials
  • Monthly patient statements
  • Monthly revenue reporting
  • Front Desk Staff Training
  • Credentialing
  • Payment Tracking & Soft Collections
  • Treatment Plan Payment Analysis
  • Diagnosis (primary/combination)