FM Physician Billing, Inc.
A Practice Management Company

The Right Choice for the Financial 
Health of Your Practice

Choosing to outsource your billing is a major decision

and Trust  in the company you choose is an important factor.

FM Physician Billing

A Practice Management Company
The Right Choice!

Our company is based in New York. We do not outsource our services off-shore. Our professional billing representatives are educated, work and live in the USA! 
complete practice management services
complete management services
start up and established practice
start up and established practice

Why Outsource Your Billing Office?


Outsourcing your billing is a critical first step to increasing your revenue,
 reducing your expenses, and minimizing the hassle of employee scheduling.

Choose the right billing service and reduce expenses!

We have over 30 years’ experience in the medical billing and practice management field. Our company is stable, our structure is sound, and the experience and knowledge of our entire staff is of the highest level. The relationships developed between our staff and that of our clients have proved invaluable. We are a team of professionals with the knowledge and skill to not only be

 the right choice for the financial health of your practice,


but we ensure it with our continuity and team work! Ask for our referral list; all of our clients have had and continue to have a good partnership experience with FM Physician Billing working as an extension of their office.

When evaluating a practice that now partners with FM Physician Billing, our clients find improved reimbursement, collections and cash flow,

along with reduced expenses, compared to their prior
 in-house billing or use of a poorly performing medical billing service.

There is No Comparison!

We are also a multi-specialty service that understands the
complexities of specialty billing.

We know the intricacies of specialty billing concepts and are skilled enough to bill and collect as much revenue for your practice as possible.

Review our services and call us to take your first step to outsource your billing
 and experience higher revenue, and reduced office expenses,
  which allows you to focus solely on your patient care. 

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