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 Medical Oncology Billing Services



Medical Oncology Billing Services involve expensive drugs, chemotherapy/nonchemotherapy infusions, hydration, etc. Billing  timely and correctly the first time is important as expensive mistakes are costly. FM Physician Billing ensures that you are billing  the correct units, correct hours of treatment and ensure correct coding i.e. Initial, Subsequent, and Concurrent. We periodically  provide in-house audits to ensure that your chart documentation accurately reflects your billing. Most importantly FM Physician  Billing avoids costly oncology billing mistakes i.e. billing J-Codes at the incorrect units, diagnosis code or administration codes.


Once we verify each insurance and provide you details of the co-pays, deductibles, yearly maximums and monitor what has  been applied by the insurance and pre paid by the patient through out treatment. We implement our Oncology Billing 3 Point  Strategy - Specialty Support.


Specialty Support - 3 Point Strategy™



1. Treatment Plan Payment Analysis - We review all treatment plans BEFORE starting treatment. We list your cost vs. insurance reimbursement to help you make the decision to buy and bill or script drugs. When co-insurance and/or deductibles are involved we provide the amount per daily treatment that must be collected and speak with your patients on your behalf. We consistently update your costs and carrier reimbursement schedules and monitor for changes weekly, to determine whether you're losing/increasing revenue opportunities.


2. Approved Indications - Diagnosis (primary and/or combination) is verified thru NCCN and/or NGS Local Coverage Determination prior to treatment.


3.Pre- Determination/Pre-Certification - We Confirm if treatment and/or drugs require Pre- Certification, Pre-Determination or Specialty Pharmacy requirements and complete the process for you.