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Provider Credentialing



Provider Credentialing is a very important process required for building a successful medical practice. A healthcare provider must become affiliated with insurance providers in order to be able to accept a third party reimbursement. It is a crucial step for the success of any medical provider, but it is often very frustrating and distracting.

FM Physician Billing will determine the appropriate plan for your specialty, based on geographic location and practice goals.


Once we determine which plans are appropriate for your practice we tackle the tedious task of the application process and submission methodologies that each insurance company requires for you to become a participating provider. We eliminate the hours of your valuable time that it takes to complete the application process, allowing you to provide additional time and care to your patients, build your referral base and maintain focus on building your practice.

We obtain all the necessary applications, and forms, supply the appropriate documentation, submit the items to the appropriate carriers, then follow up with each carrier until will confirm an effective participation status.


Once you sign with us, we will immediately begin the credentialing process. We do not just fill out paperwork, but instead, work diligently to have you credentialed for all your selected commercial and government carriers efficiently and timely.  We track each application and utilize our relationships we have developed over years to quickly advance the credentialing process.
  • Complete Initial Enrollment
  • Document Management
  • Application Processing and Follow-up