FM Physician Billing, Inc.
A Practice Management Company

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Medical Oncology Billing - Your only choice for experienced multi-specialty medical billing services.

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FM Physician Billing knows that the lifeline of your practice depends on being proactive not reactive in every segment of your medical practice. Many billing companies provide billing and coding services, but few offer the experience, knowledge, and custom service provided by FM Physician Billing.


FM Physician Billing has been working with individual and group physicians for over 30 years as Practice Management Consultants and Billing Specialists in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, California, and Pennsylvania. Our experienced professional staffs extensive knowledge in multi-specialties, practice types and localities provides a solid base for expert medical billing, credentialing and practice consulting for established and start-up practices throughout the Unites States.



We encourage you to read about our services and partner with a company that will get you paid for ALL the services you provide!

Choosing to outsource your billing is a major decision

and Trust  in the company you choose is an important factor.


FM Physician has the tools, resources and knowledge that you and your practice staff

need to operate your practice smoothly and efficiently. We deal with payers, improve your
claims revenue cycle, navigate industry rules and regulation and work as an
extension of your front desk office.

Let Us take care of the business side of your practice 

 so that you can devote more time to caring for patients


FM Physician Billing
A Practice Management Company
The Right Choice!

FM Physician Billing stays current with up to date billing software, clearinghouse software and State of the Art server and network systems. We know the Life Line of Your Practice depends on the stability our company and is essential in making us the
#1 Medical Billing, Consulting and Practice Management Company across the USA.

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